Tom Koninckx

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Transformational Coach

As a transformational coach I will hold space for your personal growth. I will not attempt to fix you or to change you to make you fit into a societal norm for happiness or success. I will walk with you on a deep journey into yourself. Together we will open up cracks, allow the wonder and beauty that are inside you to find their way to the surface. We will then nurture a new sense of wholeness until its roots have truly taken hold.

I work both with individuals and with groups.

My Integral Coaching® approach is based on the contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber’s, Integral Theory. This complex, inclusive and effective methodology aims to have direct, meaningful and lasting impact on the development of others. Through this work people do not commit only to their own growth but they also influence their direct environment and become part of a new system paradigm. When a client becomes able to take more perspectives, create solutions to complex problems, bring more wisdom and deep care to others and be more effective in their personal life mission, the greater rippling effect this work gets to have within the systems and organizations they thrive within. Be the change you want to see in the world, Gandhi told us.