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Systems integration engineering
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Systems Integration Engineering SIE is a new design office in Belgium, new and unique because there is no equivalent on the Belgian market.

A design office that offers services in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Audio-visual including broadcast
  • Acoustic

The goal of SIE is to help users by providing expertise in defining needs, implementation of technical solutions and better understanding of these systems. This expertise is provided in different ways:

  • Advice, studies and consultancy office
  • Establishment of specifications
  • Site monitoring of installations
  • Accompaniment to commissioning

Taken into account the evolution of digital technologies, telecommunications and audiovisual they have more and more areas of convergence. Transmission of signals wireless (radio frequencies, radio links) and/or with wires (cables and / or optical fibre) the content of the transmitted information sound and digital video are data as well. Digital transmission requires more specialized knowledge. Establishing the needs and requirements, requires expertise especially for implementation and integration of these systems.

The audiovisual sector is concerned as well video and sound requirements are also becoming more specific and require upstream expertise, ie the implementation of video taking into account the sound quality which requires at least a mastery of room acoustics.

Jean Solonakis, has a great experience in these fields, he worked as development engineer in the most important defence telecommunications projects in Belgium, he also worked in France and realized projects in Africa. He has designed and produced some of the most important audiovisual projects in Belgium, Luxembourg and several other countries in Africa, including Algeria, Senegal and Burundi.
SIE works with partners such as: « Digital Tree » and “Diginet” which provide a specialization in areas such as centralized management and programming in object-oriented languages for professional audiovisual and radio broadcast requirements management and TV for public and private production for radio and TV broadcasters.

Jean Solonakis is a civil engineer electrician-telecommunications graduate of the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons (Belgium) and industrial engineer electrician-electronics graduate of the State Jury (Belgium) Industrial Superior Catholic Institute of Hainaut.