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RoadCo is your remote working agency, helping you find your best-fit hybrid-working model!

We professionalize remote work within companies, activating our tailored solutions and network of unique houses across Europe.

Many companies have found themselves forced to transition to a form of hybrid-working model, mixing in-office and remote work environments.

Unfortunately, this has often been done in a rush, without much time to design a proper transition plan, and generating many unexpected negative externalities.

This is where RoadCo comes to support you by:

  • Assessing your current model based on a certified expertise, to identify gaps and improvement opportunities.
  • Designing tailored solutions to professionalize remote work within your organization, according to your needs and specificities
  • Selecting unique houses accross Europe to welcome remoters in natural and cultural gems. Our solutions use our network through multiple formats and activities possible. Definitely the best combination of co-living and coworking!

Ready to embark on a sustainable hybrid-working model?
Contact us at info@roadco.com!